Project Hope

We open our doors to those who need our help.

At Hope Cafe

Ahava Community has made it an imperative to feed those who are experiencing difficulty during the cost-of-living crisis. It has been hard work as we rely on the kindness of volunteers and donors to fulfill our work.

Visit Hope Cafe

Ahava Community took over the running of a quaint and cool cafe just as the nation was gripped in Covid Lockdowns. It was a great test of will and fortitude to get it up and running. We named it Hope Cafe and consider it to be a very important part of the work we do as it is a community cafe that serves a broad demographic.

In the last few years we have been feeding those who declare themselves to be homeless and those who express that they are in dire need of something to eat.
We open the doors each day to provide good coffee and food to our guests, while also serving regular diners who pay, which helps to cover the costs of daily operations . We are pleased with the hard work put in by staff and volunteers to offer time and effort in this endeavour.
We have recently started 'The Pulse Youth Club' which regularly sees the cafe filled with 30 or more young people late on Thursday afternoons.

Come check us. Enjoy a hot coffee or a delicious meal at Hope Cafe.

You can find us at 82-84 Market Place Romford RM1 3ER.

About Hope Cafe

We have provided over 500 'no-cost-meals' per month to those in crisis. The guests are invited to order directly from the main menu.