The Catalyst Night Shelter

How we tackled homelessness.

We aimed to end homelessness in the UK.

The original mission of the charity was to assist those who were experiencing homelessness. It started operating on 1st November 2011 with one full time staff member, whose office was his backpack and his transportation was a bicycle.
From it's inception the shelter was a pack-and-go model, utilising a different church hall each night of the week. After a 'successful' winter it was decided to continue to run the shelter throughout the year. At one stage the Catalyst Night Shelter became the only year round shelter in London.

As of summer 2023, the shelter has provided a safe space to sleep for over 2000 people. The only interruption to the running of the shelter was brought about by government enforced Covid Lockdowns, It is now up and running again, with each guest having a small room to bed down in each night. We consider the Catalyst Night Shelter to be a good model to replicated throughout the UK.

Normally night Shelters run on a 4 month basis, from November through to March, which of course are the coldest months of the year. Being open 365 days a year, we have been open for at least 30 Shelter seasons. Providing valuable support for the Havering community.

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About the Night Shelter

The Catalyst Night Shelter is a year round operation that provides 12 beds each night for those who have been granted access.